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At Strohmaier Electric Ltd., we go beyond delivering power; we bring decades of experience, expertise, and innovation to every connection. As your trusted electrical partner, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services tailored to your unique needs. From meticulous installations and reliable repairs to cutting-edge electrical solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring the seamless flow of power in your spaces. Our team of skilled professionals combines technical prowess with a commitment to safety, guaranteeing the highest standards in electrical craftsmanship. Explore the possibilities with Strohmaier Electric Ltd. – where every connection sparks brilliance.

EV Charger Installation

Empowering Tomorrow’s Drive: Seamless EV Charger Installations

Commercial Services

Elevate Your Business with Our Expert Commercial Electrical Services.

Industrial Services

Powering Progress: Industrial Electrical Solutions You Can Trust.

Why Choose Us

Strohmaier Electric Ltd: Your top choice for seamless power solutions. Expertise, tailored services, and a commitment to safety. Trust us for excellence in every connection
Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind with Expert Electrical Solutions.

24x7 Support

Always Here for You: 24/7 Support, Your Reliable Electrical Partner.

Low Cost

Affordable Excellence: Unlocking Low-Cost, High-Quality Electrical Solutions.

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